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The health and proper function of the mouth is critical in the overall function of the body as well as the attractive appearance of the person. 

Our awareness of and experience with Advanced Light Force Appliance (ALF) appliance therapy has forever changed the way we look at health and function using the mouth and teeth as an opportunity to improve the overall wellness of the person.

We have a passion for making a positive impact on the lives of our patients.

The commitment to ongoing education and involvement in ALF InterFACE study groups is critical for the continued growth of the provider and for the benefit of the patient.  Receiving the most current training on the constant evolution of the tips, techniques and technologies related to ALF therapies is essential for the well rounded and highly skilled practitioner. 

There is a difference between a doctor and a healer

   ALF InterFACE Professionals are an elite group of highly educated providers trained to evaluate opportunities for improvement and obstacles to wellness for their patients.  By working and learning together as a team much like the individual body parts are supposed to work together, ALF InterFACE Professionals are able to achieve results that surpass those of many other orthodontic and dentofacial orthopedic techniques.  Most ALF providers provide these services to their patients as a labor of love as this aspect of patient care is often less financially rewarding than traditional or cosmetic dentistry.  However, the emotional and personal benefits are invaluable to those dentists and providers who have the amazingly rewarding experiences of watching those patients overcome obstacles and achieve so much more of their potential. 

Using fundamental principles to address complex problems


Using an approach based on authentic ALF priniples allows the qualified ALF provider customize the treatment plan to the individual needs of their patient.  ALF therapy is based on principles of human development from embryo to adult considering variables such as nutrition, trauma, developmental delays, genetics, airway sufficiency, neurology and reflex patterning and a balanced autonomic nervous system.

Applying those principles to a treatment model that supports a functional midline, nervous system and tongue function creates a beautiful healthy smile. along with the many additional benefits of ALF therapy.  Utilizing the tools and appliances available with the ALF family of appliances and therapies provides a unique and sophisticated option to traditional dentistry and orthodontics.

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