ALF Therapy

What is ALF Therapy?

The Advanced Light Force dental appliance was developed by a dentist who asked a simple yet profound question:  Why do some orthodontic techniques create a synergy with the body and others create obstacles to health and function?   Dr. Darick Nordstrom developed the ALF appliance with the goal of improving the overall health, beauty and function for the patient while providing a simple, effective and easy to wear family of dental appliances.  

Why is the ALF so unique?


Utilizing principles of growth and development

The ALF appliance uses light forces to the teeth and gums delivered by an exceptionally advanced design.  The ALF design is based on replicating the forces to the jaws and head that nature intended.  This has been verified through years of feedback from osteopathic and chiropractic physicians who specialize in treating the highly sensitive system involving the subtle forces and influences involving the cranium and the neurological system that it surrounds.  

The evolution of the family of ALF appliances has been continually refined throughout the years to their current elegant and effective designs developed by Dr. Darick Nordstrom.

As no two patients are the same - no two appliances are the same.  ALF InterFACE providers are trained to select and modify the ALF dental appliances to the individual needs of their patients to take advantage of their strengths and help them overcome their weaknesses. 


Comfort, functional and cosmetic advantages

The ALF is barely visible to observers, easy to wear and more hygienic to maintain than most other dental and orthodontic appliances.

The ALF is one of very few dental appliances that provide adequate room for the tongue and is unique in its ability to encourge improved tongue function.

The tongue is nature's best orthodontist and retainer.  Without the development of an ideal swallow. adequate nasal breathing and balanced cranial function, we often see crowded teeth as well as crooked faces, necks and bodies.  Nature intended for the tongue to continually support the roof of the mouth.  However, if a child does not develop a mature swallow as a result of challenges in growth and development, they often struggle with optimal facial and neurological development.

The ALF provides an environment of gentle, functionally balanced support to the delicately interlocked bones of the head by providing a "fake it until you make it" opportunity for tongue and breathing function by enhancing the patient's functional reflexive abilities.  By providing an ideal opportunity for the patient to develop a fully functional swallow while creating more room in the mouth for the crowded tongue, the breath and swallow can better support the body's delicate neurological system and craniofacial development.   

The use of the ALF is known for creating an environment of enhanced neurological function and a more balanced facial appearance by harnessing the power of one of nature's most powerful tools: the human tongue.

Focus on Function

ALF Therapy is unique in its ability to provide optimal tongue space while encouraging optimal tongue function

Diagnosis before decision

By taking advantage of the advances in technology, we can now increase our level of patient care by assessing function as well as structure.

Supports the natural rhythms, frequencies and fluid flow in the body.

ALF InterFACE Provider Locator and Disclaimer


The ALF InterFACE Academy community is growing at a rapid rate.  Our provider locator data and the educational information for all ALF InterFACE Academy Level Providers will be continually updated as our organization supports complete transparency when it comes to ALF related education for our registered providers. 

The ALF InterFACE Academy neither endorses any individuals or companies listed on the ALF InterFACE provider listing nor does the provider listing information imply a certain skill level.  We provide validated educational resource listing for training endorsed by and provided by Dr. Nordstrom and the ALF InterFACE Academy.   However, we do not guarantee the quality of the educational experiences obtained through other ALF educational resources nor do we claim that all practitioners are listed.  

Even though we are committed to providing validated and updated provider information to the public, is up to the user's discretion to inquire about ALF training, experience, and usage when contacting anybody from the provider listing.

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Introduction to ALF Therapy

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