Frequently Asked Questions


Who is a candidate for ALF therapy?


  • Growing children who have crooked or crowded teeth, underbites, overbites, crossbites and an inability to breathe through their nose
  • Adults with dental crowding, headaches, migraines, sleep related breathing disorders and/or temporomandibular (jaw joint) disorders
  • Anyone who has been assessed by an ALF trained physical therapist, osteopathic physician, chiropractor oral myologist, medical doctor, neurologist or other healthcare professional that has a professional opinion that the ALF appliance and trained ALF dentist could assist their therapies in helping the patient to reach thier maximal medical and functional improvements

How much does ALF therapy cost?


Since ALF therapy is highly specific to the needs of the patient and the discretion of the provider, it is suggested that discussions related to cost and timing of treatment be directed to the provider of your choice..  The needs of the patient are customized into the treatment plan. 

ALF therapy is not usually not covered by dental insurance as it is not a traditional dental service.  However, it is an investment that is invaluable to those who have experienced the many benefits of ALF therapy. Use of the ALF has the potential of  not only saving money related to future healthcare costs but also achieving the benefits of a lifetime of  enhanced health, beauty and function.

How is it different than other techniques?


The simple sophistication of the ALF design creates the environment for treatment success. The many years of research and development of the ALF has allowed for a natural evolution of the appliance based on principles but guided by experience. No other dental appliance has had as much careful observation by the osteopathic medical community.  Other appliances often cannot deliver the benefits that the ALF can provide for the patient when done with proper training and careful consideration of the patient’s medical and neurological needs.  

If the ALF is so great, why isn't every dentist and orthodontist an ALF InterFACE provider?

  People often fear what they do not understand. Regretfully, those who are not members of the ALF InterFACE Professional community might be critical of its use. However, with the sheer number of patients and parents who have witnessed these transformations, our hope is that those who have little or no experience will consider learning more about ALF therapy and the opportunities that are provided through its use. The simple yet profound truth is that the body is interconnected in ways that traditional medicine and dentistry do not currently fully understand.  ALF InterFACE providers actively seek that truth while others often seek comfort in traditional techniques without exploring the benefits of the advancements made possible through the development of the ALF family of appliances and therapies.  

Why there is such a demand for ALF therapy?


There are a growing number of parents and patients valuing providers who have become aligned with the paradigm shift that is centered on a more health conscious approach to healthcare. The traditional medical model of the use of pills and procedures is being challenged by the new trend of healthcare that is focusing on prevention and intervention while looking to nature for guidance. As a result of the ease of access to information through the internet and social media, people are taking charge of their healthcare decisions instead of depending on the system to direct and determine their care. The typical parents and patients seeking ALF therapy are highly educated, intelligent and caring individuals that want to more natural approach to care with consideration of the entire person in the approach to treatment. The typical ALF InterFACE provider is aware that their scope of practice might be limited to the “FACE”, but the “Inter”connectedness of the human body is something that we respect and strive to influence in the most positive manner possible for the betterment of our patients. This elite group of healthcare professionals often exceed the boundaries of their professional comfort zone to be able to provide services that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of patients who look to them to provide services reflective of the future of healthcare. The amount of training and dedication required to provide ALF InterFACE services far exceeds the requirements of traditional dentistry. Training in osteopathy in the cranial field, oral myology, autonomic nervous system balance assessment, the physiology of breathing, orthodontic techniques, nutrition, neurological reflex testing along with other biometric assessments too numerous to list are only a portion of the highly advanced training and biometric assessments available to and utilized by the ALF InterFACE provider.   We use our skills as dentists and our extensive training as dental physicians in the context of overall health to provide dental services that have an influence on the whole body.

The mouth-body-mind connection is directly under our influence as dental providers.  ALF InterFACE dentists strive to use those influences to the benefit of our patients using Comprehensive ALF Therapy.

Which type of orthodontic treatment would you prefer: One that improves the entire body, or one that places focus just on the teeth?

Patients seeking ALF Therapy wish to receive as many benefits of treatment as possible for themselves and their children.  Access to education and options to traditional care are changing the environment of healthcare.  

The ALF InterFACE Community is proud to be a part of this healthcare revolution.

Is the ALF something new?

The ALF was developed in  the early 1980's and has been constantly improved, refined and expanded on as it has evolved throughout the years.  Many people mistakenly believe that the ALF has only one design.  In reality there are many designs that are able to be fully customized to the individual needs of the patient.  Dr. Darick Nordstrom is the original creator and innovator of the ALF family of appliances.  He began the process of designing, refining, evaluating and perfecting the appliance design with the help of  the osteopathic community over 35 years ago.  He has generously dedicated his career to the ongoing process of carefully and methodically developing the techniques and technologies that support authentic ALF therapies.  The ALF InterFACE organization supports his authentic mission and goals of therapy.  His innovation and inspiration is admired by everyone who has experienced the benefits of ALF therapy. 


Why is Comprehensive ALF Therapy so important?

 Providers who fail to receive ongoing training on treating their patients from a comprehensive approach often are not able to achieve the results needed for long-term success and stability.  Receiving a comprehensive ALF Therapy Education offers unique solutions to treatment that a limited training simply cannot offer.   

Is the ALF helpful for patients with special needs?

The difference between function and dysfunction as well as illness and wellness can be as little as 3 letters and finding the right solution or as big as the discrepancy between what we thought we knew and what we have yet to learn. The most vulnerable of patients are most often the ones that receive the most benefit from the TEAM approach to ALF therapy.  These patients often have the opportunity with the ALF to “catch up” with  achieving their full potential that was not possible within the context of the realities of their limitations. Parents of children with compromised abilities seek ALF InterFACE practitioners based on the amazing successes that are reported with the use of the ALF and related therapies. However, if it is effective with the compromised, imagine the benefits to those who are considered “normal”.  Children face many obstacles as they grow and develop into adults. Caring parents do whatever it takes to create the environment for their children to express their full potential. The ALF often allows the opportunity for the growing child to be the best version of themselves as it supports the development of a face that is interconnected with the body in ways that are often impossible with other therapies and orthodontic techniques 

Why is the TEAMwork concept important to understand when considering ALF Therapy?


Together Everyone Acheives More

ALF InterFACE providers are trained as an interdisciplinary team and strive to provide patient care in a supportive healthcare team whenever practical and possible. The combination of dental care, osteopathic treatment, physical therapy, oral myofunctional therapy, oral and neurophysiology and autonomic nervous system assessment are highly valued in attaining the best results in the shortest time for our ALF patients. Therapists who work with ALF dentists realize the benefits of working with dental appliance therapies as the nature of the “adjustment” is continuous with an appliance while intermittent with manual therapy. Dental appliance therapy of a supportive, neurological nature is often invaluable in the treatment of patients with complex issues.  

How do I locate the ALF provider that best suits my needs?

 The decision to choose a provider should be based on the education and experience of the provider as well as the  treatment goals that you discuss with your chosen provider.    The goal of the ALF InterFACE website is to allow for all ALF providers and patients to achieve complete transparency when disclosing their ALF InterFACE encounter hours and ALF therapy related training.  Not all ALF related training is obtained through Dr. Nordstrom as several providers throughout the years have developed courses to teach healthcare professionals of the many benefits of ALF therapy    Those resources are available in the "Find a Provider" page of this website.  

Why are there different training systems and methods of proving ALF services?


Many ALF providers have taken introductory courses by different instructors in the in various ideologies of ALF Therapy, but receiving  a truly comprehensive ALF education is acheived through a lifetime of learning, consistent involvement in ALF study clubs and commitment to connecting with Dr. Nordstrom as he continually updates and refines the nuances of Comprehensive ALF therapy.   The ALF InterFACE Academy provides this ongoing advanced education to the committed ALF therapist through our annual conference, ongoing study club meetings and our newly developed teaching modules available soon through 

Dr. Nordstrom and the ALF InterFACE organization cannot endorse the quality of or level of training received by the providers listed on this or any other site nor do we take responsibility for the level of care that you receive from an ALF therapist.  However, for easy reference, the providers that  are active in our ALF commmunity and have received ALF education from Dr. Nordstrom as well as from other instructors including the details of their training are provided on our provider listings at the last page of this website.

It is our hope that the provider listings will be helpful for the patient or parent searching for an ALF provider that best meets their needs based on not only convenience of location, but also the provider's commitment to their ALF related ongoing education.