Clarifications and certifications

Certification and residency definitions

There is quite a great deal of confusion surrounding those who claim to be the only ALF certified providers.  In fact, acccording to the organization claiming responsibility for certification, Dr. Nordstrom and those who have been faithfully following his instruction for years are not certified under the stated definition of  "certification".

We need to be very clear that Dr. Nordstrom and the ALF InterFACE Academy do not provide certification at this time due to the complicated medical-legal implications of provider liability.  Each provider is responsible for their own treatment and authentic ALF education.  Those who are dedicated to their ALF Therapy education are willing to post their educational accomplishments verified by this organization on their provider page offered through our companion website

In addition, the ALF InterFACE Academy does not offer a limited time residency program as we believe that ALF Therapy education is a commitment to a lifetime of learning based on the ongoing instruction of Dr. Nordstrom and the ALF InterFACE faculty.

Please be aware that those who market themselves as ALF certified providers have received their certification from a program not instructed by Dr. Nordstrom or anyone authorized by him to instruct in his method of ALF Therapy.

With regard to ALF certified laboratories, those laboratories who have dedicated themselves to authentic Nordstrom education are:

Murdock Laboratories


Ashton Laboratories 


ALF Internationals 

DeHaan Orthodontics 


Art Wires (Vicky Autry)

Educational Tranparency

We at the ALF InterFACE Academy feel that every patient has the right to know about the education and qualifications of their providers.  

Only the Academy level members of the ALF InterFACE Academy have dedicated themselves to complete transparency to empower the patient to make an educated decision about their ALF Therapy provider.

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