F.A.C.E.S. Organization - Darick Nordstrom DDS


Foundation for Advanced Craniofacial Eclectic Studies - Founded: 1984

In 1978, while researching medical and dental journals to clarify discrepancies in theories about the origin of jaw problems, Dr.  Darick Nordstrom felt that studying the head and jaw during sleep would provide the missing link. 

In his clinical practice, he found that it was common in orthodontics to remove teeth and collapse the dental arch for crowding instead of expanding in a natural way. He began studying and adapting existing designs. While focusing on the Crozat and Kernott dental orthodontic appliances as well as a few other 'functional' concepts, he became active in the American Academy of Gnathologic Orthopedics. The dedication of this academy lead to embracing the cranial concept, 3-Dimensional analysis, encouraging midfacial growth and pioneering their implementation in orthodontic/orthopedic practice.
Following introduction to Osteopathy in the Cranial Field, he began working 4-handed with osteopathic physicians and cranially trained chiropractors. Although the AAGO-type appliances were the least-straining of any the appliances available at the time, the osteopathic physicians would need to work around them during active treatment. With direct feedback from the osteopathic physicians, he developed ALF appliance designs that not only were cranially compatible, but were also positively supportive of the body's natural healing process and the cranial osteopathic treatments applied to facilitate the body's ability to heal itself.


 The F.A.C.E.S. organization  is dedicated to the study and practice of revealing natural beauty through bringing the facial structures into true function and balance. It is built upon synergistic principles of osteopathy, functional orthodontics, oral myology, reflex integration, trauma transformation, metabiology, gnathology and embryology as well as other complementary techniques and principles.

No treatment including surgery, bonding and cosmetic dentistry can make a person beautiful. Beauty springs from within to the degree that functional harmony with the spiritual and physical is empowered to release it.

While the attraction of 'pretty' is fleeting, true beauty defies time, stirring the soul with a sense of divinity. This is our quest and life's ambition: to acquire, implement, refine and teach principles and techniques that can bring individuals into functional harmony while fully expressing their divine beauty.    

Not for profit organization and charitable outreach

A portion of the proceeds from ALF InterFACE events will be donated to the FACES foundation to provide ongoing educational and outreach opportunities for providers and patients striving to embrace and implement ALF Therapies into their personal and professional lives.