The Meaning of InterFACE



Interface definition

noun  in·ter·face \ˈin-tər-ˌfās\ 

a :  the place at which independent and often unrelated systems meet and act on or communicate with each other 

b :  the means by which interaction or communication is achieved at an interface

ALF InterFACE providers and their therapies work with the body to help it meet and interact with itself in ways that only the ALF appliance can assist in facilitating.  As a community of elite and highly trained healthcare providers, we work together to provide the patient with the very best opportunity for the body to integrate with the therapies to allow maximal medical improvement and achievement of the individuals highest potential.

InterFACE as applied to healthcare

It is an undeniable fact that the body in intricately interconnected in ways that modern medicine does not currently understand.  The role of understanding and optimizing oral function has traditionally been under appreciated for one significant reason :

It is complicated.

Much of the healthcare field has avoided addressing the complexities of the connections of the face with the body, much less appreciating the critical relationship between the mouth and the brain.

Most people run away from this challenge.  ALF InterFACE providers run to it.  

We strive to interconnect multiple therapies with the FACE in an INTERconnected approach to healthcare.

The InterFACE dental provider

 InterFACE dental provider is aware that their scope of practice might be limited to the “FACE”, but the “INTER”connectedness of the human body is something that we respect and strive to influence in the most positive manner possible for the betterment of our patients. 

The InterFACE supportive therapist

The ALF InterFACE community depends heavily on the support of the healthcare community to support our patients in their journey in healing.  

The dental and orthodontic provider is encouraged to co-treat under the guidance of therapists to ensure the patient is receiving the full benefits of ALF Therapy.

These therapists often include ALF InterFACE trained osteopathic physicians trained in osteopathy in the cranial field, oral myofunctional therapists, oral myologists, speech pathologists, physical therapists, chiropractors, occupational therapists, acupuncturists, nutritional counselors, massage therapists and any other healthcare provider who can contribute to the overall wellness of the patient undergoing ALF Therapy.

Our mission is to improve health

It is important that patients understand the commitment that it takes to undergo successful ALF Therapy.  Those who are searching for a simple, predictable and  tooth focused approach are most likely not a good fit for ALF therapy and should seek more traditional therapies.

True beauty comes from the inside

"If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place" - Eckhart Tolle

ALF Therapy is dedicated to the study and practice of revealing natural beauty through bringing the facial structures into true function and balance. It is built upon synergistic principles of osteopathy, functional orthodontics, oral myology, reflex integration, trauma transformation, the physiology of respiration, gnathology and embryology as well as other complementary techniques and principles. 

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