WHAT is an ALF Dental Appliance?

ALF Therapy provides a unique and sophisticated approach to orthodontics and wellness


This design is one of many ALF appliance designs commonly used for trauma release.  It is a common misconception that the ALF only has one design when in reality, it is based on principles and customized for the needs of the individual patient.  The highly refined design has been praised for its effectiveness in providing gentle, constant support to the teeth and bones of the head  This results in a functional and natural development of the upper jaw as well as providing an environment for the tongue to engage the appliance.  

These improvements in tongue and neurologic function often create an environment for balanced, functional and beautiful facial development as well as a whole body healing opportunity unlike any other dental appliance or therapy.

The ALF is comfortable, easy to clean and almost invisible to observers


This ALF design is commonly used for growth and development.

ALF therapy is not a one size fits all approach to care


As each patient has different needs, the many ALF designs are intended to accommodate those needs.  This design is commonly utilized to expand the lower jaw in children.

Using Nature to Guide Growth



The Advanced Light Force appliance is an innovative integration of orthodontic, neurologic and orthopedic principles that are combined in a way to improve health, beauty and function.  ALF Therapy is a paradigm shift in dentistry, orthodontics and healthcare in general. The goal of traditional orthodontics is to improve on the appearance and function of the teeth and smile. The goal of dental, facial and cranial orthopedics is to create an attractive,and functional environment for the teeth and smile as well as the bones and soft tissues of the face and head that surround the smile.  The goal of ALF therpy is to improve overall wellness and function of the entire patient through a holistic approach to dental appliance therapy resulting in improvement of form and function for the mouth and smile. This results in the opportunity to truly improve health and beauty from the inside out.  The subtle sensory input from the ALF provides a safe, consistent 24/7 input that mirrors effective orthopedic, orthodontic, osteopathic, and neurosensory regulation.   Comprehensive ALF Therapy allows a return to a normal balanced system for the patient. 

The ALF’s effects on the palate encourage proper tongue placement for normalized oral rest posture position which promotes corrective orofacial form and function. It facilitates both cranial nerve and autonomic circuit regulation, prompting a synthesis of cellular, biochemical, hormonal, neurological, and behavioral organization.   As a result, the results of ALF therapy are often more stable and the effects are long-lasting.

From bite to brain to behavior, the ALF promotes optimal form and function with mechanisms developed by nature and supported by science.