WHO benefits from ALF Therapy?


Growth and Prevention: Age 0-7

 The ALF is by design a growth and development appliance that mimics the ideal forces that are present in craniofacial development.  The ALF family of appliances provide support to the cranial and neurological system while helping to train the tongue to be nature's best orthodontist and retainer.  The ALF gently repositions teeth to the location that complements function of the entire body by using forces that the body recognizes as more natural than any other technique.  As soon as a challenge to ideal growth is recognized, the ALF family of appliances can be utilized to complement and guide facial growth in a more favorable direction. 


Remodel and redirect: Age 7-12

If the majority of facial growth has already occurred in a less than ideal environment before the age of 7, remodeling is needed to support a better result.  Between the years of 7 and 12 active growth is still possible, even if it is less than 20% active growth potential remains in most children.  After the age of 12, any orthodontic technique is primarily to repair the direction of growth that has already been completed.  The  unique design of the ALF can effectively restart growth due to the biologically and cranially friendly forces that awaken the growth potential of the patient .  The gentle, vibratory forces of the ALF stimulate bone growth to support a stable, functional result of treatment.


Repair: Age 15 and up

 In the event that damage has occurred as a result of injury, gentle consistent support is necessary to allow a more ideal healing environment for the patient.  The ALF is ideally suited to create  "midline awareness" for the neurologically challenged  patient (eg, autism, traumatic brain injury),  mobility in a rigid, damaged system  (eg concussion or facial trauma) or create stability in an unstable environment. (patients with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD) and/or ligament laxity) .  The ALF is also useful in treating patients who have experienced orthodontic relapse and wish to achieve a smile that is both beautiful and highly functional.


The truth is that we are never actually "done" growing as even after death our fingernails and hair continue to grow for almost 48 hours.  However, facial growth is more difficult to reawaken after the age of 12.  The ALF is uniquely suited through the use of light, vibratory forces to encourage active bone remodeling unlike other forms of orthodontic orthopedic therapies.