Why choose ALF?

Whole body effects from a dental approach


 Even though the ALF appliance itself has a primary dental influence, its secondary benefits are impressive.  Based on the years of experience and the thousands of stories of transformational healings directly related to ALF therapy, the reputation and legacy of the ALF speak for themselves.  For those who are willing to embark on a journey of biochemical, behavioral, neurological, hormonal, orthopedic, orthodontic, osteopathic and neurosensory improvements, the ALF may be the key to improved health, beauty and function for you or your child. 

Using God's plan to guide growth



Sophisticated Orthodontics for the Growing Child

Even though the ALF appliance is an orthodontic appliance in that it moves teeth, it is so much more, especially for the child with abnormalities of facial growth and development.The ALF stimulates transverse bone growth, in much the same way as the chewing of solid and semi-solid foods in the developing child. Through its gentle and subtle pressure to the teeth, the ALF exerts a lateral force 24 hours a day and seven days a week to create effective orthopedic, orthodontic, osteopathic and neurosensory regulation. The tooth and gum nerve fibers interpret this lateral force as sensory input similar to chewing, input that spurs the creation of space through bone growth for the developing teeth and mouth in both children and adults.In essence, the ALF is functioning like a surrogate. It replaces and allows proper tongue function and gives stability to the cranio-facial complex. The ALF provides the support for the head and neck that the tongue has failed to provide due to the improper formation of adequate swallowing and chewing reflexes. As a result, the ALF functions as a neurophysiologic stimulus, as an orthopedic/orthodontic device and it encourages the tongue to assume a more normal rest posture position which provides many benefits to the patient.    

TEAM approach to care creates opportunities for enhanced results and maximal medical improvement


 ALF InterFACE Professionals are trained to develop treatment teams to support the care of their patients.  Awareness of the interconnectedness and interdependency of the human body is important in  supporting ALF patients in their journey to health, beauty, function and overall wellness.  These TEAMS often include several of the following professionals: dentists, orthodontists, osteopathic physicians trained in osteopathy in the cranial field, physical therapists, chiropractors, medical doctors/pediatricians, myofunctional therapists, speech pathologists physiologists, occupational therapists, psychologists and several other professions affiliated with health and wellness.